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Statistical processing

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Government Finances, Economic Statistics
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Real property taxes

Land tax per mil: For each region/ county the statistics indicate a weighted average percentage for municipalities in the region/ county and a weighted average for the whole country. The weighted average is calculated as the total income divided by the total tax base for the related area, where the imposed tax is the total budgeted income minus personal relief. The weighting is calculated as each municipality income tax in percent of the total income tax.

Source data

The Property Statistics Register is based on information from two sources: an assessment part from SKAT and a tax part from KMD. Since the parts are not updated at the same time, there may be slight discrepancies in the data between the two parts. Numbers for the most recent year is calculated on the basis of budget information from municipalities to the Ministry of Interior after the adoption of the municipal budgets in the autumn in the year before.

Frequency of data collection

Data is collected annually.

Data collection

Via registers.

Data validation

The data is validated against last year's data and against budget figures for the given year, as well as information on which municipalities that has changed their land tax.

Data compilation

Data are used without further treatment for the publication.


No corrections of data are made beyond what has already been described under data validation and data processing.