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Cinemas and Films

For cinemas the statistics shows the number of cinemas, number of cinema screens, seats, films shown, tickets sold and admission takings. For films the statistics shows the nationality, release year, number of films shown in selected geographical areas, tickets and admission takings (box office) for both the reference period (calendar year) and for the period since 1976. Furthermore the statistics shows the pattern of admission takings over time for films according to their respective release dates.

Data description

For cinemas the most important information are cinema screens, seats, shown films, tickets sold and admission takings. For films the most important information are nationality, release year, films shown in selected geographical areas, tickets sold and admission takings (box office).

Classification system

Cinema Size grouped as; all cinemas, single-screen cinemas and multi-floor theaters. The activity divided by the film's nationality; All countries, Danish film, Europe outside Denmark, the United States and the world outside Europe and the US. Target Group divided into film types and documentaries. Censorship broken down by classification from the Media Council for children and young people.

Sector coverage


Statistical concepts and definitions

Film Rental: Film rental is without VAT.

Nationality: The film's nationality is determined by the Danish Film Institute based on the nationality of the company / organization / person that has invested the most money in the film.

Release Year: The release year of the film is the year the film had its official Danish release.

The Year the Movie is Shown: Number of tickets sold for the film in the selected year.

Paid admissions: Number of tickets sold quantify only those tickets that are paid money for, ie free tickets are not included.

Statistical unit

Cinemas, films and number of sold movietickets

Statistical population

All cinemas showing films that are open to the public

Reference area


Time coverage

From 1976 and onwards.

Base period

Not relevant for these statistics.

Unit of measure

Number of shown films Number of sold movietickets Income from sold tickets Number of cinemas, screening halls and seats

Reference period

Calendar year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

It is voluntary to submit data for this statistic.

Cost and burden



Additional information can be obtained from Statistics Denmark