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Book Production

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Book Production

The purpose of the statistics is to shed light on the development of book publishing in Denmark. The statistics show the development in respectively the number of books published (the number of unique publications) and book titles. For example, it is possible to follow the trend in the number of first editions of fiction e-books or new editions of commercial, physical books in the field of professional literature. The statistics contain information for 2007 and onwards.

Statistical presentation

The book production statistics are an annual inventory of the number of books and book titles published. A book here is a commercial publication, written material published by public institutions or a scientific report. All figures for the past six years are preliminary and revised annually.

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Statistical processing

The statistics are based on the national bibliographic record in the Danish Book List. The Danish Library Center delivers data to the statistics via a system-to-system solution. Data is checked for large fluctuations compared to the previous year before the preparation of tables for the statistics bank.

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The key users are players in the book industry, the The Agency for Culture and Palaces and others interested. The statistics are used for analysis and planning in the field of literature. There is ongoing contact with The Agency for Culture and Palaces, where the quality of the statistics and user needs are assessed.

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Accuracy and reliability

The source of the statistics is the Danish Book List, which receives books and other material from the publishers as a result of the Danish Duty Delivery Act and therefore covers the vast majority of publications in Denmark.

The figures for the past six years are preliminary. This is due to post registrations of published books. The re-adjustment of the counting year can be considerable the following year.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The figures for the past six years are preliminary. The statistics are published at the end of June. The statistics are usually published without delay compared to the announced time.

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The statistics are not directly comparable with previous publications on book production statistics from the Danish Library Center. There are no international guidelines for compiling book production statistics.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in the StatBank under Literature and books.

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