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Population and education, Social Statistics
Iben Birgitte Pedersen
+45 3917 3603

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Victims of Reported Criminal Offences

The statistics are used broadly by the authorities, organizations, researchers, the press etc. The tables in the are used frequently. Views and suggestions from key users are taken into consideration in the preparation of the statistics.

User Needs

Users: Ministries (especially the Ministry of Justice), the local police authorities, courts, municipalities and counties, different organizations, educational institutions, research or scientific institutions, the media, private firms and private individuals. Applications: Public and private planning, education, research/science and public debate.

User Satisfaction

The statistics on convictions are often used by the press and the tables on are used frequently. In connection with the preparation of the annual publication Kriminalitet (Criminality) a consulting meeting with key users of the statistics is hold. Forwarded views and suggestions are taking into consideration in the planning of the statistics.

Data completeness rate

Not relevant to these statistics.