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Radio and TV Statistics: Advertising (Discontinued)

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Radio and TV Statistics: Advertising (Discontinued)

These statistics are meant to provide easy, simple access to basic facts, and answer questions on the media habits of the population. For example: the total and duration of TV advertising spots and advertising sales volumes can be seen. The statistics have previously been published as a part of the now defunct MedieStatistikBanken, started in 2006. MedieStatistikBanken was set up by the former Danish Media Secretariat (now Danish Agency for Culture) in collaboration with the media industry and Statistics Denmark. The statistics were taken over to the Denmark Statistics-owned StatBank Denmark in 2012.

Statistical presentation

The Radio and TV statistics Advertising shows the scope and sales volumes of TV spots in Denmark, and advertising sales volumes for printed and electronic media:

  • FOR4216 - Total, duration and coverage of spots by TV channel: The table shows the total, duration and coverage of TV spots by TV channel, excluding the regional adverting shown on TV 2, and are based on the TNS Gallup TV Meter annual report: TNS Gallup measures actual TV viewing in TV-owning households in Denmark using its TV Meter on behalf of DR TV, TV 2/DANMARK, TV3, SBS TV, Discovery, Turner Broadcasting and MTV Networks. Gallup TV Meter equipment logs all TV viewing in 1,000 selected households, or for 2,200 individuals. The viewing habits of these individuals are logged around the clock on an ongoing basis. Data on viewer habits - who watches which channels and when - are transmitted daily to TNS Gallup, which checks and processes the figures. Gallup TV Meter system results are used by programme planners to compile their programme lists. The sales executives from the commercial channels determine spot prices based on viewing figures, and the advertising industry uses the analyses to plan advertising campaigns and check exposure. For definitions and more background details, see the links below to TNS Gallup: (TV Meter)
  • VIR317 - TV spot sales volumes (in DKK 1,000) broken down by industry and time: The table shows the sales volumes in DKK 1,000 which the industry sectors listed have spent on TV advertising spots on all registered TV channels during a specific year. TV 2 regional adverts are included in TV 2's figures. VIR317 is based on TNS Gallup Media Intelligence/Gallup AdFacts: TNS Gallup Media Intelligence measures advertising campaigns from TV, print and radio, and receives reports from outdoor, cinema and online advertising, but does not register media such as sponsoring agreements, classified ads and major in-store campaigns. The results in VIR317 solely concern TV, and are based on TNS Gallup Media Intelligence's daily surveys and logging of all advertising spots on TV 2, TV3 and SBS TV channels, plus Discovery Channel and Cartoon Network. TNS Gallup Media Intelligence's price calculations were based on the TV companies' spot prices between 1992 and 1994. As from 1995, price calculation was changed so that the prices for all stations could be calculated using a GRP price. TV 2 is priced according to the applicable, official GRP price, TV3 and SBS TV are priced in relation to TV 2, which means that the calculated spend is lower than for preceding years. For definitions and more background details, see the link below:
  • VIR316 - Advertising spend by medium: The table shows sale of advertising space by medium, excluding any form of commission, allowances, discounts and VAT. Recruitment advertising is not included in advertisement spend. VIR316 is based on the Danish Audit Bureau of Circulation's: Advertising Expenditure Survey in Denmark: The sponsors of "The Danish advertising market" are The Association of Danish Advertisers, TV 2|DANMARK, The Trade Association of Danish Distributors, Clear Channel Danmark A/S, the Graphic Association of Denmark, Post Danmark and TEAM DANMARK. The universe used is Media Scandinavia, survey service and or trade organisations. Media owners and/or their trade associations are encouraged to report the sales volumes relevant for this survey (in full confidence) to the Danish Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). Their own advertising is not included in spend. In addition, public or private industry sector surveys are included, such as Gallup Adfacts. If no reports are available, employees of the Danish Audit Bureau of Circulation and members of the expert panels set up for each medium group perform a group evaluation. Finally, the results for each media group are assessed and the overall result of the steering group which constantly tracks the report's production is created.

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Statistical processing

Data are collected from TNS Gallup TV Meter annual report and TNS Gallup Media Intelligence/Gallup AdFacts (VIR317, FOR4216) and Danish Audit Bureau of Circulation, Advertising Expenditure Survey in Denmark (VIR316).

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The statistics are relevant for all.

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Accuracy and reliability

  • Coverage: The statistics are based on random sample surveys. The TV tables are based on Gallup TV Meter equipment, which logs all TV viewing for 1,000 selected households, or amongst 2,200 individuals. The figures for advertising are based on sources which cover a large part of the advertising market supplemented by estimates from industry associations and expert panels.
  • Collection: The statistics are based on data already published by TNS Gallup's Radio Meter and TV Meter media surveys, which are the official, industry-recognised surveys of the listening and viewing habits of the population. Statistics Denmark obtains the data direct from the data suppliers.
  • Processing: Data already in the public domain is transferred for all relevant tables. The data supplied is subject to a quality check, which includes comparison with the preceding time series, and calculation of control totals where they are included in the data submitted. In some cases, subtotals, totals and shares are also calculated based on the data submitted.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Not relevant for these statistics.

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Not relevant for these statistics.

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Accessibility and clarity

Regular publication: News from Statistics Denmark (annually, when tables VIR317 and FOR4216 are updated).

Publication in the StatBank: VIR316, VIR317, VIR331 and FOR4216.

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