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Notifications of concern for children and young people

The statistic is a compilation of the notifications of concern, municipalities receive, concerning children below 18 years of age. The statistics are disseminated annually with data from all the municipalities. The statistics include data about the number of notifications, the child's age and gender, date of the notification, the relation of the notifier to the child (who is notifying), the background for the notification (what caused the notification) and which municipality received the notification. The statistics are communicated though a NYT article (News from Statistics Denmark) in Danish and in the StatBank.

Data description

The purpose of a notification of concern is to make the municipality aware of a concern for a child of 0-17 years, or an unborn child's well-being or development. In Denmark, all citizens have a duty to notify worries and suspicions regarding mistreatment of children. Since 2010, professionals working with children have had a stricter duty to notify. (The Social Service Act §153) When receiving a notification, it is the municipality’s responsibility to investigate the matter and, if necessary, provide support for the child. The purpose of the notification is to be able to provide support to the child before the problem grows.

The statistic has been published annually since 2015 and contains 3 tables in the StatBank, a register for researchers and ministries, and an article in Danish (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik). The tables in the StatBank contain data on the amount of notifications, amount of children and youth, for whom there is a notification of concern, the amount of notification causes, who has made the notification and age and sex of the child or juvenile. The information are distributed on a municipal level. Unborn children are registered through the expectant mothers. Broadly speaking, the StatBank tables present an answer to following questions: How many notifications? (UND1). How many children? (UND2). And how many causes? (UND3). The registry contains the same information on an individual level. Statistical variables are described in statistikdokumentationssystemet Times.

Classification system

The statistic is distributed by municipalities, gender, age, reporter (who is notifying), cause of notification and number of notifications per child within the year. Read more about Statistic Denmark's classification of municipalities (v1:2007-). Age intervals in StatBank tables, regarding the amount of notifications (UND1) and number of children/juveniles (UND2), use intervals of one year, whilst the table presenting the causes for the notifications (UND3) uses 5 year age intervals.

Sector coverage

Not relevant for these statistics.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Responsible municipality: The municipality that receives the notification and needs to decide which measures, if any, should be taken as a follow-up to the notification. Also called administration municipality.

Notification: A notification to a municipality sent by a citizen or a professional working with children under 18 years of age. The purpose of a notification is to make the municipality aware of a concern for a child of 0-17 years or an unborn child's well-being or development.

Statistical unit


Statistical population

All notifications received by municipalities in Denmark concerning children's well-being and development. Children refers to 0-17 year olds or unborn.

Reference area

All municipalities in Denmark (not including Greenland and the Faroe Islands).

Time coverage

These statistics cover the time period from 2015 and onwards.

Base period

Not relevant for these statistics.

Unit of measure


Reference period

01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

Data collection is based on §6 in "Lov om Danmarks Statistik" (Law on Statistics Denmark). The municipalities register notifications based on §§ 152, 153 and 154 in "Serviceloven" ( The Social Service Act). Data collection is regulated by the "Bekendtgørelse om dataindberetninger på socialområdet" (The Executive Order on Collection of Data on Social Affairs). These statistics are not EU regulated.

Cost and burden

These statistics are based on the municipalities' administrative register systems. Therefore, there is no direct respondent burden. However, the municipalities have a workload in regards to the annual data validation.


Further information can be found at the subject page or by contacting Statistics Denmark directly.