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Fertility database (Discontinued)

There is comparability over time for the published period. There are small differences in relation to the Medical Birth Register and the number of live born in the population statistics.

Comparability - geographical

Similar statistics on fertility from other national statistical authorities are available. However, these statistics do not follow EU law or other international guidelines.

Comparability over time

These statistics are fully comparable over time.

Coherence - cross domain

The Medical Birth Register (MFR) has a population that has almost the same frame as the statistics published by Statistics Denmark. However, there are minor differences in the population: MFR also includes, e.g. births of mothers residing in Greenland.

The fertility database accommodates live births according to the census, plus stillborn from the MFR. However, there are fewer differences between the number of live born in the census, as any corrections in the CPR and in basic data are included in the Fertility Database.

Coherence - internal

Note that there are differences between the number of born and the number of births. In case of multiple births, e.g. twins, two children are counted but only one birth. The sum of the number of newborn by single and multiple births is internally consistent.