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Childcare after school start

The statistics illustrate the number of children in childcare for schoolchildren and the number of employees with pedagogical assignments. The subject of childcare used to cover the entire childcare area for children from the age of 0-18 years, which from 2015 has been divided into childcare pre-school for children (0-5 years) and childcare school for children (6 - to 18 years). The purpose of this statistics is to shed light on childcare for schoolchildren.

Statistical presentation

The statistics is an annual inventory of the number of enrolled children and the number of employees with pedagogical assignments in childcare for schoolchildren. The children and young people are measured by municipalities, category of child care, Type of ownership and age. The staff are measured by municipalities and positions category. The statistics are published in statistikbanken.

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Statistical processing

Data for this statistics is collected annually from municipalities and payroll systems. It is supplemented by data from the Ministry of Education and electronic reports from self-employed and private institutions. The data collected are validated for large deviations as well as inconsistent information from the different sources and is compared with the numbers from previous years.

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There are several different users of the statistics and such users are diverse. The Danish Ministries use the statistics to compare the resource allocation to childcare in different municipalities and to develop policies on child care. Interest organizations, such as the National Association of Pedagogues (BUPL), the National Associations of Muncipalities (KL) and The Association of Parents (FOLA) use the statistics to assess the allocation of resources and the service level in the childcare area. Data has been collected on the basis of an agreement between Statistics Denmark and the Ministry of Children and Social Affairs.

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Accuracy and reliability

The inventory contains information from all 98 municipalities. The accuracy is affected by errors in municipal registrations and the assesment institutions on whether the staff is working in childcare or as the teacher in the same school. Some new established institutions can be missing and some can have changed status without Statistics Denmark has been informed.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The inventories for 2020 was published the 18 of june 2021. The inventories are published without delay in relation to the pre-announced release date in the release calendar. The publications take place once a year.

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Statistic on childcare can be dated back to 1943. In general it is possible to compare the total number of children and type of institutions from 1994 onwards. However be aware that the day of reference changes from spring to autumn from 2004. Statistics on childcare are published in several countries, but they do not have common guidelines.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in StatBank Denmark under the subject of Children and Staff. See more on the topics of the statistics.

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