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There are no data breaks in the individual tables. No comparison with similar statistics from other countries has been made.

Comparability - geographical

No comparison to international sources has been made but information on the archive sectors in the other Nordic countries can be found in the periodical Nordisk Arkivnyt.

Comparability over time

There are no data breaks in the tables for the National Archives and the time series begins in 2007. However, the electronic holdings are only accounted for since 2011. The time series for town and local archives begins in 2011. There may be inconsistency between the changes in collection size between the two years and growth in the form of accessed records for the same period. This may be due to the remediation of the archives and discarding of material (if deviation is negative) or result from delays in the processing of incoming material (if deviation is positive). From 2014, data on size of holdings, accessed records and written enquiries are not specified by individual national archives but are presented in aggregate under the National Archive in Copenhagen. Also from 2014, the Provincial Archives, Danish Business Archive and Danish Data Archive have changed their names to National Archives. The statistics cover the period from 2007 and onwards; for town and local archives, the time series start in 2011. Older time series can be found in the Statistical Yearbook.

The statistic [ARKIV02B] ( replaces the statistic ARKIV02 from 2019. This is due to a new model for imputing values into the statistics.

From 2014, the size of the collections, received archives and written requests in the ARKIV01 table will no longer be calculated on single archive level.

Coherence - cross domain

Parts of the statistics are comparable to the statistics that are published about the Nordic countries' archive sectors in Nordic Archive News Nordisk Arkivnyt..

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for this statistic.