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The purpose of these statistics is to illustrate several aspects of sports in Denmark, encompassing economic and employment indicators, the sports participation of the population, as well as the physical and organizational structures of sports. The statistics can be used to describe the nature and scope of sports and the oldest time series begin in 2007.

Statistical presentation

The statistics contain a variety of information about sports: - Selected economic and employment indicators for particular sports-related industries. - Activity, membership and association information concerning organized sports associations. - Time series with main results from studies of the population's exercise and sports habits from different years. - Statements of the geographical distribution of selected sports facilities. In 2018, even more tables will be developed to describe sports in more detail under the headings Economics and Employment, Sports Participation and Sports' Infrastructure and Resources.

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Statistical processing

The statistics is based on several sources. Information on activities, members and sports associations is based on the Central Registry of the Danish Sports Associations. Facility data are from the Danish Sports Facility Database. Data on the population's sports habits are gathered from surveys by the Danish Institute for Sports Studies]. Economic indicators and employment data for sports activities are gathered from Statistics Denmark's business registry. See footnotes of individual tables for links to original sources for descriptions of methods etc.

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Users are Ministries, Agencies and various interest groups. The statistics are developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and a project group comprising representatives of the national sports associations, researchers and other resource persons in this area. No survey on user satisfaction has been made yet.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics are based on several different sources and methods. Please refer to the links to the original sources and documentation in the footnotes of the individual tables.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Publications are made annually about four months after the end of the reference period.

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No comparison with other countries are made. Selected results may be compared to other presentations of the original sources, e.g. those made by the the Central Registry of Sports Associations, the Danish Sports Facility Database , or results of the sports surveys from the Danish Institute for Sports Studies.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in a newsletter (in Danish only), StatBank Denmark and in an annual culture publication.

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