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Statistical processing

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Office for Food Industries; department for Business Statistics
Mona Larsen
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Price and Volume Indicators

Data for this statistics is collected at different frequencies from multiple sources. The collected data undergoes a simple validation. Once data is validated, aggregation occurs for a portion of data before publication, while other data is published directly.

Source data

Information on sale products plus seeds, fertilizers, feed, pesticides etc, is based on data deliveries from buyers and suppliers to farmers and from public authorities. Information on prices on energy, maintenance, services and capital formation is based on the data used in Statistic Denmark's general statistics on prices. Information on slaughter and export of live animals, milk weighed on dairies, eggs weighed on egg packets centers from administrative registers. For more information see documentation of statistics Slaughter animals and meat production, Milk and dairy products, Eggs production.

Frequency of data collection

Data collected primarily on a monthly basis. However, there are also quarterly and annually collections. Wages and land prices are examples of yearly prices.

Data collection

The data received comes from web questionnaires from upload solution and data registers.

Data validation

The incoming data is kept against historical data and current knowledge collected in the field of professional journals so that unrealistic changes in prices are detected.

Data compilation

There are absolute and indexed figures published for prices and volume growth in agriculture. The absolute figures are not treated, ass the average of the collected figures is published without further processing. The index figures are weighted based on the gross factor income level of the individual goods in the base year 2010. Furthermore, there is a weighting of months, based on an individual assessment of the level of sales each month throughout the year 2010, which underlies the weighting of individual commodities. The weighting monthly is aggregated to quarterly weight. If a product group's sales were to change dramatically, the weighting could provide some distortion in comparison to how the individual goods real importance, and may give a distorted picture of the real world. This is inevitable, why there is a rebasing taking place each 5th year where all weights are reviewed and product groups' composition.


No adjustments are, however, weighted prices and volumes of the season meaning. For example so watchman grains higher in September just after harvest than in March.