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Office for Food Industries; department for Business Statistics
Mona Larsen
+45 3917 3399

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Price and Volume Indicators

The Statistics contains for almost all items, monthly, quarterly and yearly information of agricultural prices, as well on sale products as on most products used in the intermediate consumption including capital formation. Some prices are only obtainable as price indices only, especially regarding intermediate consumption. Furthermore the volumes are shown for animal products. The statistics covers both agriculture and horticulture.

Data description

The indices are aggregated by weighing into total indices for output and input in agriculture. The starting point for indices is a basic year, renewed every fifth year. The statistics on prices are concerning products almost covering the same as in Economic Accounts for Agriculture. However, secondary activities, agricultural services and indirect interests on bank loans (FISIM) are excluded. However, the gross capital formation is included in the price statistics, covering machinery, equipment, farm building and land improvement. Purpose of the statistic is particularly to illustrate current shifts in primary agricultural prices as an indicator for the development of rural economy. Until the late 1980s was a direct relative term statistics released on a monthly basis since quarterly. From 2013, supplemented by annual publication due to merger with other price statistic.

The point of observation is the farm gate, meaning when sale products leave the farm and when input products arrived at the farm gate.

Classification system

The cluster followed is the main branch 01, Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing. For more details see DB07.

Sector coverage

Agriculture and Horticulture.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Prices are collected in DKK On a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on what can be done. The indices are derived from 2010's GDP at factor as weight base, with yearly prices from 2010 = 100. The weights may vary over the year, based on the use or sale of the product / service

Statistical unit

Gathered data from legal entities.

Statistical population

Danish farms and horticulture sales

Reference area


Time coverage

The statistic covers from 2005 and forward.

Base period

The base year is changed every 5 years later is the year 2010 used as the base year.

Unit of measure

Monthly prices are expressed in absolute values, i.e. crowns (DKK). For quarters, there are indices. Finally, for the yearly prices there are both indices with 2010 = 100 and values in absolute values, i.e. crowns (DKK). Prices are without VAT.

Reference period

01-04-2017 - 30-06-2017

Frequency of dissemination

Monthly, quarterly and annually. Tables for selected agricultural prices - and volumes and potted plants is published monthly.

Legal acts and other agreements

The right to collect data can be found in the Law on Statistics Denmark § 1, cf. Consolidated Act no. 1189 of 21 December 1992 with the changes imposed by § 1 of the Law no. 295 of 2 May 2000.

More legal acts are indirect related to the surveys, in particular the act on Economic Account for Agriculture (2004/138) and legal acts on animal production. A common manual about the quarterly prices indices and also absolute prices, "Agricultural Prices and Indices", is developed in Eurostat.

Cost and burden

There are not compiled a response burden because of the very different character of the information received. However, roughly the burden is expectedly 0.1-0.2 annual working units.


Price and indices for agriculture.