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Forced Sales of Real Property (Discontinued)

The purpose of the statistics is to document the trend in the number of announced forced sales in the Danish Official Gazette. The development in this figure is considered to be an important economic indicator. The quarterly statistics figures are comparable from 1979 onwards, while the monthly figures are comparable from 1993 onwards. The annual municipal figures are comparable from 2012 onwards.

Statistical presentation

These statistics document the development in the number of forced sales of real property, announced in the Danish Official Gazette, broken down by type of property and geographical location.

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Statistical processing

Data for these statistics are collected electronically from the Danish Official Gazette. To avoid major fluctuations, Statistics Denmark performs trouble-shooting of the collected data to ensure that the same owner is only counted once within the month in question. Furthermore, trouble-shooting is performed to make sure that second announcements about the same real property, cancellations, confirmations, reprints, change of court date, discontinuance, affirmation, attachment, delay, default etc. are not included in the statistics. Subsequently, the forced sales are broken down into the various property categories and geographical areas.

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The statistics are used by public and private decision-makers to assess the trend in the number of announced forced sales of real property.

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Accuracy and reliability

The forced sales of real property statistics provide a monthly total count of the number of announced forced sales of real property in the Danish Official Gazette with unique owners within the month in question. In this way it is ensured that major fluctuations in the statistics are minimised. The primary purpose of this set of statistics is to be informative regarding trends and it is not an assessment of the number of forced sales actually carried out.

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Timeliness and punctuality

These statistics are published 4 weekdays after the expiry of the month except the figures of December which are published 8 weekdays after the expiry of the month.

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Annual statistics for requested forced sales and forced sales carried through, broken down by judicial district and type of property are available at the home page of Courts of Denmark.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published monthly in a Danish press release, at the same time as the tables are updated in the StatBank. In the Statbank, these statistics can be found under Forced sales of real property. In addition, these statistics also feature in the Statistical Yearbook. For further information, go to the subject page.

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