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Childcare (Discontinued)

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Childcare (Discontinued)

The purpose is to give information on the resources the municipalities have in connection with day care of children, etc. Public institutions, etc., as well as private institutions are included. The statistics have data on the number of institutions, the number of children, the staff and about the organization. The statistics were established in 1972. Up till 2003 the statistics was collected and published together with data on other kind of social institutions, that is institutions for elderly, etc. For the years up to 2003 information can be found in the Declarations of Contents, Welfare Institutions and Services and in the tables in StatBank Denmark. From 2004 the statistics on children and youth was separated and on the same time the counting was moved from spring to autumn. Due to seasonal variations in the number of children in the institution (mainly because of changes in connection with children starting in school) the figures from 2004 cannot be directly compared to figures from previous years. As a supplement to this information also information on the rates in different kinds of day care institution is published.

Statistical presentation

The statistics gives information on day care institutions, etc. There is data on the institutions, on the number of children, on the staff and supplementary information on opening hours, etc. Supplementary information on the rates in day care institutions is also available.

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Statistical processing

Not relevant for these statistics.

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In general the users have been satisfied, so the statistics is evaluated as relevant.

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Accuracy and reliability

Some new established institutions can be missing and some can have changed status without Statistics Denmark has been informed. Sometimes it is not possible to match the information on the staff in the specific type of institution to the number of children in the same type of institution. Especially for 2004 and 2005 it has not been possible to get useful figures from Copenhagen. Figures from May 2004 have therefore been used in the 2004 and in the 2005 statistics as well. For 2006 the data on the staff is uncertain due to the structural reform. Therefore it is not possible to judge whether there is more or less staff per child in 2006 compared to 2005. No measure of accuracy exists.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is normally published ½ year after the day of counting.

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From 2004 the statistics build on data from the autumn. Before that data from spring was used. Due to seasonal fluctuations the data from before 2004 will not be fully comparable.

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Accessibility and clarity

  • News from Statistics Denmark
  • StatBank (free access to data at Tables PAS11, PAS22, PAS33 and RES88 (on the rates in the day care institutions)
  • Social conditions, health and justice appearing in the series Statistical News

Annual publications:

  • Statistical Yearbook and
  • Statistical 10-Year Review

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